You can’t go more than a mile or two in nearly any direction without seeing one in Philadelphia and the surrounding burbs. No, I’m not talking about a Dunkin’.

Urgent Care clinics have been popping up on what seems like every corner over the last year and it doesn’t look like there are any signs of slowing. An urgent care facility can be a great option for many people but how do you advertise a business specializing in patient care and distinguish your clinic from all the others in such a competitive environment? Like so many other businesses have learned, the key to reaching highly qualified people and motivating them to act starts with the Internet.

The internet is a driving force behind the actions of many people – particularly in the realm of healthcare. Now, more than ever, healthcare professionals are utilizing the power of the internet to acquire patients. Check out the four ways the internet can help urgent care facilities grow their business.

1. Having a professional, responsive website. Seems pretty basic, right? But how many websites have you visited in the last month and thought: “Wow, this is confusing?” Did you ever go back to visit that website again? Most likely, you didn’t. A website that is easy-to-navigate with a clean, uncluttered layout will help ensure individuals will continue to visit in the future – an aspect crucial for urgent care. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology and a sleek design can go far to boost an urgent care facility’s reputation before a potential patient even walks through the door.

2. Using social media frequently. According to a meta-study conducted by Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, 41% of people stated that social media had an influence on their choice of medical facilities. The reason? Social media connects patients with the facilities directly and allows patients to make informed decisions. Additionally, Facebook has a “Call to Action” feature where healthcare professionals can place an online check-in button. That way, patients can skip the wait by simply filling out a form online.

3. Allowing patients to leave reviews. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, each one can help guide more patients toward your urgent care facility. Of course, positive reviews are always more favorable, as they solidify trust. However, when a negative review is posted, an urgent care can shine by replying with a professional and helpful answer – which shows that the facility is active in the concerns of patients. What better way is there to convince others that your urgent care is the best in patient care than to show them?

4. Comprehensive paid search. There are literally hundreds of conditions that can be treated at an urgent care facility. It’s not enough to develop a marketing program to target only those patients that are specifically looking for “urgent care clinic” in a particular location. A comprehensive approach is the best approach. One that builds very specific ads for each condition or category of search. While this certainly is more challenging to set up, the rewards are irrefutable. “Our urgent care paid search programs are designed to target relevant searches across hundreds of condition categories. This approach allows for a more cost effective patient acquisition.” says Brooke Holdsman, Mproven’s head of Client Services.

By harnessing the power of digital, urgent care facilities will not only see more patients, but will be better equipped to treat them as well. Distinguishing one urgent care clinic from another starts with stepping into the shoes of the potential patient. A professional website, updated social media platforms with open reviews, and a comprehensive search program, will build trust and inform patients looking for treatment.