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Knowledge is power and that couldn’t be any truer with the introduction of the Internet. Every visitor that arrives on a website leaves a trail of behaviors. Members of Mproven’s management team have been at the forefront of the website analytics field analyzing traffic to some of the most frequently visited websites in the world. From analysis of tax-interested visitors to to parents visiting, analytics and the ability to make sense of this vast data, is a key differentiator for Mproven and can mean the difference to a successful advertising program and a failed one. Analytics is at the root of every advertising campaign we do. It’s not an add-on service or an upsell.

Each one of our Internet marketing programs is measured for its ability to drive conversions for your business. Our team is responsible for ensuring that the path that visitors take to your website is measurable and can be isolated to determine promotional channel performance. This analysis is done throughout the program’s duration to ensure that we are not only on target but also that we stay there!

We can also provide our clients with customized reports to meet their company’s particular metric requirements whatever they may be.

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