The second time around.

Remarketing is displaying an advertisement to a visitor that has previously visited your website when they visit other websites. This can help keep your company or brand top of mind. Remarketing is a powerful tool for reengaging previous website visitors that may have forgotten about the services that your company has to offer or perhaps can’t recall where they learned of a particular service while visiting other websites. They might not have been ready the first go-around, but on their return visit, they are more likely to take a key action like call or submit a contact form.

Introduced in 2010.

Mproven has been building remarketing programs for clients since its introduction in 2010. Like each one of Mproven’s ad campaigns, remarketing ads are tracked separately, measured for performance against other referral channels like social media advertising, and optimized to ensure that only the most effective visitor reaches your site for the least cost.

Returning visitors are valuable.

Whether visitors reached your website by typing in the URL, clicked on an organic link, or were driven to the website by an advertisement, once the visitor has accessed certain “tagged” pages of your site, they will begin to see either your image or text ad (and, sometimes both!) on other web properties Internetwide. Because the returning site visitor is a particularly engaged visitor, the likelihood of their conversion (e.g., submit a contact form) can be many times higher than that of an average visitor.

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