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Engaging professionals.

There aren’t many places on or offline that can reach millions of professionals in just about any industry and in any location across the world. LinkedIn has some serious bragging rights. Over 100 million professionals access LinkedIn each month making it an invaluable tool for networking and career advancement among professionals today. It’s possible to reach your customers on LinkedIn (and their affiliated websites), by targeting their industry, title, seniority, group or even by a specific company. LinkedIn campaigns can be created to target individual locations as well making it an effective option for companies with only a local presence.

It’s come a long way.

LinkedIn has really beefed up its ad service since its beginning. When Mproven first started advertising on LinkedIn 5 years ago, there were less ad formats, less options for targeting, and less flexibility. Today’s ad or sponsorship opportunities on LinkedIn allow for a more robust marketing experience providing more options for reaching our clients with professional target audiences. With an option for a PPC-based fee structure, ad formats that are similar to search, and the ability to target based on location, advertising on LinkedIn was a natural transition for us. But, because this isn’t about keywords and searchers, it requires a slightly different skill set.

Slow and steady.

A typical LinkedIn ad campaign is not going to blow your site’s doors off. Meaning, unlike search engines, these audiences are not actively searching for your business or services. While your ads may be relevant, you audience is not clicking at rates nearly as high as the search engines. So, with a professional network program you can expect great branding, but you typically have to be there for some time before you start recognizing significant volume. But, this is where the professionals hang out. If the targeting is tight and well thought out,  it’s possible to attract a very valuable audience that otherwise couldn’t be identified with search.

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